Students looking out at Durango from the rim. COURSES - Where is the list of available courses for the upcoming semester?

It is available via WebOPUS.

DEGREE - Are there other college resources that can help me plan my degree?

The Registrar's Office has several resources to help you with your degree planning. It also has Apply for Graduation resources.

POLICY - I keep hearing about the psychology department classroom behavior policy. What is it?

The Department of Psychology implements a uniform policy on classroom behavior and grading. You may access its PDF form by clicking here.

THESIS - I want to do my own independent research project. How do I go about doing that?

Our innovative Senior Research in Psychology course (Psych 496) involves doing your own research project under the guidance of a psychology faculty member. A student who is ready to take Psyc 496 needs to select a section of the course based on the faculty members' research areas; those interested in pursuing research-oriented graduate work (e.g., doctoral programs) are encouraged to take Psych 496 more than once with different faculty members. This course is an opportunity for a psychology major to work one-on-one with a psychology professor and conduct original work on a research topic that interests him or her.

TUTORS - Is there a place where I can get help for a course or where I can help other students with their coursework?

Because psychology is considered a STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) discipline, psychology students can also take advantage of the resources at the STEM3 Student Success Center either as a participant or a tutor.

WAITLIST - Can I get on the waitlist for a course?

You can get on a waitlist for a course if it is full. Here are some important things to keep in mind regarding the waitlist:

  1. How to get on the waitlist: If the course is already full (has 0 seats or a negative number of seats available), you should still go through the process of adding that course. WebOPUS should then tell you that the course is full, and you will have an opportunity to go on the waitlist.
  2. The course instructor cannot add you to the waitlist. See #1.
  3. If you are on the waitlist and a seat in the course becomes available to you, you have 36 hours to register for that course. That's a day and a half. Otherwise, you lose the seat. Therefore, if you are on a waitlist, it is important to regularly check your college e-mail and your WebOPUS account to see if you are offered a seat.
  4. You can check your WebOPUS account to see where you currently are on a course waitlist.