Application process for the Beckman Scholarship

Learn how to apply for the Beckman Scholarship at FLC.

Phase I

  • Interested students will complete an online application, due March 15, 2023
  • The student will compose a written personal statement that will include the following:
    • A brief description of themselves and their background
    • Their interest in pursuing a research-based post-baccalaureate degree, professional program, or STEM career
    • Their long-term career plans
    • Their degree plan for graduation
    • Two letters of recommendation from current FLC faculty members explicitly commenting on the academic excellence promise of the applicant, their potential for creativity and resilience, and self-motivation for a career in the sciences.

Phase II

  • Five semi-finalists will be selected from Phase I
  • The semi-finalist will then be given a list of prospective research mentors and descriptions of the type of research occurring in the mentors’ lab. Students will select the top three projects they would be interested in working on. The students will then meet with the mentor sponsoring each project they have chosen and discuss research and post-baccalaureate expectations for the student. Following these interviews, mentors and potential mentees will evaluate the student's fit in the project, and then a mentor placement will be considered for each final candidate. This placement will be determined by the grant Co-PIs, the potential mentors, and the student applicants.
  • Next, the designated mentor/mentee pairs will work on developing a research and mentoring plan. The plan will form the basis of the secondary application. It will include the aim of the project, the role that the Beckman Scholar applicant will play in the project, the plan for mentoring, including a meeting and communication plan, a rubric used to assess the quarterly evaluation of the working relationship, and a method for progressing toward post-baccalaureate career goals.
  • As the final step, the selection committee will read and evaluate the secondary applications and select two Beckman Scholars.

Apply for the Beckman Scholarship