The Beckman Scholars Program at FLC

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In 2022, Fort Lewis College was one of 14 institutions in the country to receive a Beckman Scholars Award. The Award is funded by the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation. The Beckman Scholars Program aims to provide an in-depth, sustained undergraduate research experience for interested, full-time undergraduate students at accredited U.S. four-year colleges and universities, especially those who might not otherwise qualify for this type of opportunity.

The Program’s generous financial support for a student and mentor over two consecutive summers and one academic year, along with travel to the Annual Beckman Symposium, offers a unique and academically stimulating educational experience.

What is the Beckman Scholars Program?

The FLC Beckman Scholars Program’s primary goal is to support a diverse and talented group of undergraduate students and to nurture and improve future career success in biomedical sciences for chemistry, biochemistry, and engineering students. Students apply to the Beckman Scholars program during the second semester of their first year and, if accepted, begin working with a Research Mentor for the next 15 months (summer + academic year + summer).

Students named Beckman Scholars must perform research activities part-time (ten hours per week) during one academic year and full-time over two consecutive summers (ten, 40-hour weeks each summer).

Beginning in June of 2023, the program will fund two new scholars annually with a generous stipend over 15 months. Students and their faculty mentors will receive the following funding:

  • Student stipend of $18,200; distributed as follows:
    • First summer:$6,800
    • Academic year: $4,600
    • Second summer: $6,800
  • Student scientific supplies and travel: $2,800; distributed as needed to support current research activities.
  • Mentor stipend: $5,000

Beckman Symposium

Each Beckman Scholar may be invited to attend the annual Beckman Symposium in both of the two summers of their award term. A formal notification and invitation will be sent separately, including whether the event will be virtual or in-person. If in-person, travel and hotel accommodations are provided by the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation.

  • All second-summer scholars will be asked to exhibit their research through a poster presentation.
  • All second-summer scholars will be asked to help in recruiting new scholars.
  • Each year, several scholar-speaking slots are available during the symposium.
  • A Mentor will nominate scholar speakers, and the Foundation will make the final selection. Requests for scholar nominations with submission guidelines will be provided before the symposium.