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The Graduate Program in Neuroscience at Princeton University offers a unique and intensive program of study spanning molecular, cellular, systems and cognitive neuroscience, followed by advanced research in a world-class Princeton laboratory. We seek highly motivated and creative students to join us in our efforts to understand the brain.

A listing of faculty affiliated with the program can be found online at, and below. Our doctoral program is flexible and individually-tailored, and we encourage students to pursue research with more than one faculty and across departmental boundaries.

Applications for entry in the Fall of 2017 are now being accepted, with a deadline of November 27 (note that this is earlier than usual). For details, including contact information, please visit from Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands who have questions about their ability to meet all admission requirements by the deadline should reach out to Applicants experiencing financial hardship can apply for a waiver of the application fee. 


Michael Berry - Neural computation in the visual system
William Bialek - Interface between physics and biology
Lisa Boulanger - Neuro-immune interactions in brain health and disease
Carlos Brody - Quantitative and behavioral neurophysiology
Tim Buschman - Neural dynamics of cognitive control
Jonathan Cohen - Neural bases of cognitive control
Nathaniel Daw - Reward, learning and decision making, computational psychiatry
Lynn Enquist - Neurovirology

Annegret Falkner - Neural circuits for social behaviors
Liz Gavis - mRNA localization and translational control in dendrite morphogenesis

Alan Gelperin - Learning, memory and olfaction
Asif Ghazanfar - Neuromechanics and communication
Elizabeth Gould - Neurogenesis and hippocampal function
Michael Graziano - Brain basis of consciousness
Uri Hasson - Hierarchy of processing timescales and brain-to-brain communication
Sabine Kastner - Neural basis for visual attention, comparative primate electrophysiology

Andrew Leifer - Whole-brain neural dynamics underlying behavior
Carolyn McBride - Molecular and neural basis of behavioral evolution
Mala Murthy - Neural mechanism of sensorimotor integration and behavior 

Coleen Murphy - Molecular mechanisms of aging
Yael Niv - Learning & decision making, computational psychiatry
Ken Norman - Cognitive neuroscience of learning and memory
Jonathan Pillow - Neural information processing, machine learning, and statistical modeling of neural data
Sebastian Seung - Structure and function of neural circuits
Joshua Shaevitz - Neural and behavioral dynamics in simple organisms
David Tank - Neural circuit dynamics
Jordan Taylor - Motor control and learning
Alexander Todorov - Cognitive neuroscience of social cognition and behavior
Samuel Wang - Dynamics and learning in neural circuits
Ilana Witten - Neural circuits underlying reward

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