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About the President's Budget Advisory Committee

Our purpose

The Budget Advisory Committee advises the President in developing a budget that reflects the College’s strategic plan and links financial resources to identified priorities. The committee has advisory authority on budget matters to the president, who is the final recommending authority to the Board of Trustees. Final approval of the annual budget rests with the Board of Trustees. The committee will focus on the education and general fund, institutional level budget, not specific unit budget line items.

Our charge

The Budget Advisory Committee provides feedback and advice to the President related to budget requests. In addition to considering requests for the funding of new initiatives, the Committee will advise the President on employee compensation matters. 

The Committee minutes are kept on a secure site. Your access is authorized based on your network username and password.

Access the current year's minutes

The President's Budget Advisory Committee


  • Provost, Vice President of Academic Affairs
    • Mario Martinez,
  • CFO, Associate Vice President, Finance & Administration
    • Samantha Gallagher


  • Academic Deans Representatives:
    • Sarah Shultz, Dean, School of Arts & Sciences
    • Jenni Trujillo, Dean, School of Education
    • Steve Elias, Dean, Katz School of Business
  • Department Chairs’ Representative:
    • Melissa Knight Maloney
  • Student Support Representative:
    • Jeff Dupont, Dean, Student Engagement
  • Directors’ Group Representative:
    • Travis Whipple, Director, Athletics
  • Faculty/Staff of Color Group Representative:
    • Rosalinda Linares-Gray*
  • 2 Student Government Representatives:
    • Brittany Bitsilly, Matthew Miller
  • 2 Faculty Representatives (chosen by Faculty Senate):
    • Ellen Paul*, Elizabeth Cartier
  • 2 Staff Representatives (chosen by Staff Council):
    • Melissa Schechinger, Stella Zhu
  • 1 Classified Staff Representative:
    • Patrick Flores
  • VP Representative:
    • Heather Shotton, Vice President of Diversity Affairs

Non-Voting Members

  • Advancement - Cheryl Heitz
  • Associate Provost - Peter McCormick
  • Budget Director - Staci Ewing

*Also representing LGBTQIA2S+