Welcome to the Staff Council 

The FLC Staff Council was initiated in the Spring of 2019 and continues to “support and promote the interests and needs of FLC staff, as they fulfill the mission and support the strategic plan of the College.”

What we do

  • This Staff Council is responsible for advocating on behalf of staff members on areas of shared concern or interest as well as provide for exchange and dissemination amongst staff members at the College. 
  • The Council can facilitate communication between staff, students, faculty, administration, and the Board of Trustees. Already, we have created a staff e-mail listserv, and this year the council plans to solicit more feedback and active engagement from College staff members.  
  • Stay tuned for e-mails and an anonymous suggestion link coming soon from your Staff Council.


Our meetings are open to all staff and faculty. We meet every two weeks on Thursdays from 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. unless otherwise indicated below.

2021-2022 Meeting Dates

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Transitions in our leadership

We want to thank the founding Staff Council members from across campus for their service in creating valuable council bylaws; coordinating the first election for members with a large turnout of voters for council membership elections held in the spring; and creating cohesive responsibilities and leadership positions for council members.

2021-2022 Staff Council

  • Erin Beezley (ex-officio), Budget Advisory Rep, HR
  • Ian Fullinwider, Student Government Rep, Curriculum & Retention, President's Cabinet Rep (2023)
  • Jed Gilden, Faculty Senate Rep, Financial Aid (2023)
  • Ryan Lazo, Student Government Rep, Advancement (2023)
  • Secretary - TBD
  • Jen Rider, Vice Chair, Faculty Senate Rep, Teaching & Learning Services (2023)
  • Allison Riggs, Chair, Board of Trustees Rep, Student Engagement (2023)
  • Jenn Wagnon, TRIO Student Success Center (2023)
  • Greg Weiss, Conference Services (2022)
  • Shan Wells, Communications, Marketing & Communications (2023)

2020-2021 Staff Council

  • Erin Beezley, Human Resources, Budget Advisory Team rep (2021)
  • Marya Corrigan, TRIO Pre-Collegiate Programs, Co-chair (2021)
  • Rosalinda Linares, Reed Library, Co-chair, Budget Advisory Team rep (2021)
  • Mark Mastalski, Leadership Center, Faculty Senate Rep (2022)
  • Greg Weiss, Student Housing & Conference Services (2022)
  • Lohgan Bryant, Athletics, Secretary, (2021)
  • Michael Garvey, Advancement, Board of Trustees rep (2022)
  • Augustin Caraza, Skyhawk Station, President's Cabinet Meeting Rep (2022)
  • Kelly Polites, Adventure Education (2022)

2019-2020 Staff Council

  • Scott Kadera, Marketing and Communications, Chair & BOT Rep. (2020)
  • Brent Wallace (Physical Plant), Co-Chair & Faculty Senate Rep. (2020)
  • Marya Corrigan, TRIO, Secretary (2021)
  • Mark Mastalski, Leadership Center  (2021)
  • Charlene Swansen, Reed Library, President’s Cabinet Meeting Rep. (2020)
  • Erin Beezley, Human Resources (2021)
  • Lohgan Bryant, Athletics (2021)
  • Rosalinda Linares, Reed Library (2021)
  • Greg Weiss, Student Housing and Conference Services (2020)

Founding 2018-2019 Staff Council

  • Patrick Fredricks, Leadership Center (2019)
  • Jill Kolodzne, Career Services (2019)
  • Staci Ewing, Budget Office (2019)
  • Jason Flores, Athletics (2019)
  • Scott Kadera, Marketing and Communications (2019)
  • Charlene Swansen, Reed Library (2019)
  • Brent Wallace, Physical Plant (2019)
  • Greg Weiss, Student Housing and Conference Services (2019)
  • Questions & Suggestions

    Please use this form to submit your questions and ideas to the Staff Council. 

    Ideas should be for the benefit of FLC staff and our students. Please note that this is not a place to submit personal grievances. For grievances, please follow the appropriate channels (your supervisor, HR, etc.) 

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