A number of other sites exist which provide more information or different perspective on copyright issues. A sampling of these is presented below.

Copyright Blogs

Scholarly Communications Blog - The Scholarly Communications Blog at Duke. It covers a number of topics including copyright, scholarly communications, licensing, and open access.

Copyright Librarians - A blog by the University of Minnesota’s copyright librarians which covers copyright law, scholarship, communication and higher education issues.

The 1709 Blog - A copyright blog with an international focus.

The ip Breakdown - A blog by intellectual property lawyers that touches on copyright and digital issues.

Miscellaneous Sites

Center for the Study of the Public Domain - An examination of what works would have recently entered the public domain, but for the extensions of copyrights given by Congress.

Copyright.com - A guide to copyright compliance on campuses from the Copyright Clearance Center, which provides a more conservative view of copyright.

Copyright for Librarians - A joint project of Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society and Electronic Information for Libraries (EIFL), a network of library consortia in 50 countries in Africa, Asia and Europe, this provides a brief guide of copyright law for librarians.