Thank you for your interest in the benefit of tuition reduction for spouses and children of Fort Lewis College employees.  Please familiarize yourself with the Tuition Reduction Policy prior to beginning the tuition reduction process.

The spouse and/or dependent child (children) of an eligible employee shall be eligible to receive a tuition reduction benefit if admitted to the College and enrolled in a degree program. Eligible employees are faculty (tenured and tenure‐track), all exempt and non‐temporary state classified employees of 50% time or greater.

The dependent child is defined as a natural, step, adopted or foster child under the age of 24 who is considered to be a “dependent” for Federal Income Tax purposes and who resides in the employee’s household.

Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours per term in order to qualify for this award.

Amount of Award

The award is twenty‐five percent (25%) of the student’s share of in‐state tuition for regular on‐campus courses.

Application Procedure

  1. The application must be completed and signed by the qualified Fort Lewis College employee and the applicant.
  2. Completed application should be presented to the Office of Human Resources (Berndt Hall, 210) for eligibility verification.
  3. Once eligibility is verified, the application should be brought to the Office of Financial Aid (Miller Student Services, 101).

A new application is required each year. An award year is defined as the period from July 1st through June 30th.


The Office of Financial Aid will usually make a decision within two weeks after receiving the completed application. The Office of Financial Aid will notify the applicant of the decision in writing.

The applicant will be contacted if additional information is required. Any questions pertaining to the Fort Lewis College Tuition Reduction Benefit Program should be directed to the Human Resources Office, 210 Berndt Hall 970-247-7428.

Tuition Reduction Application Form