Fort Lewis College has a subscription to the CITI Program IRB online training for researchers. Beginning in Spring 2018 all PIs and CO-PIs are required to have up-to-date CITI certification prior to submitting an IRB application. Certificates must be attached as part of the application. CITI certification must be renewed every 3 years. All Fort Lewis College faculty, staff and students may take the online IRB training modules for free on the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI Program).

Researchers are only required to complete basic training (biomedical or social/behavioral), but the CITI Program offers a wide variety of high-quality, peer-reviewed training programs customized to the specific needs of different researchers.  There are training programs in ethical and legal issues facing social and behavior researchers, as well as separate training programs for medical researchers. In addition, researchers can choose to complete modules for special issues they may face in their work. For example, there are training modules for research with public elementary and secondary students, international research, and internet-based research. The IRB encourages all FLC researchers to make use of this excellent resource.