Purchasing at FLC

FLC Procurement Rules

All purchases for goods and services are governed by the FLC Procurement Rules.


Submit the completed form using FLC's  secure portal.

Purchase Orders

All purchases, over $5000 require a Purchase Order be issued by the Director of Purchasing regardless of the funding source and whether it’s Goods or Services. It is the responsibility of the individual requesting a Purchase Order to make certain that each step in the PO process is completed so that the final step - Payment to Vendor - will be completed in a timely manner, and that all FLC Procurement Rules have been followed.

CAUTION: It is STRICTLY at the discretion of the Director of Purchasing whether or not a Request for Documented Quotes or an Invitation to Bid will be required to be issued for Goods when the cost exceeds $10,001 but is less than $25,001; or Services when the cost exceeds $25,001 and is less than $50,001 regardless of the requirements in FLC Procurement Rules, Section ;VI Rule A-2.

Procurements may not be artificially divided so as to constitute small-dollar purchases.

PO’s must be issued PRIOR to delivery of any goods or services. Goods ordered or services provided prior to the PO being issued, is a violation of FLC Fiscal Rule IV-2 and as such, FLC is not responsible for payment.

Vendor Lookup

All Requisitions and Check Request Forms require a vendor ID number beginning with '900.' To search for a vendor ID number, use the following URL to search: www.fortlewis.edu/vendorlookup.

The exact name of the vendor is required and as much information as possible will return the most accurate results.

State Purchasing Office


Purchasing Office

For questions regarding payments, Direct Deposit, or W-9s, contact Accounts Payable: 

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