First-Year Launch is a signature part of your first-year experience

Your FYL course will help you connect to your new home at FLC and successfully navigate your first year of college.

There are many topics to choose from because our faculty and staff have designed these half-semester, one-credit courses around topics they're interested in and passionate about. They can't wait to share their knowledge and excitement with you!

Meet with your advisor for help choosing your FYL course

Before you meet with your advisor:

  • Check out all of our Launch courses by browsing this site.
  • Make a list for your advising appointment of your top 3-5 courses that inspire you to think differently about the world and yourself.
  • If you belong to one of the special populations in the "Major and Program" or "Student Population" tab, we highly encourage you to select from one of the courses that apply to you.

There are no prerequisites for Launch courses. And remember, your Skyhawk Station Advisor can help you choose the right course if you're unsure!

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A Bridge to Community

Bridging Differences

Explore research-based strategies for fostering positive relationships, dialogue, and understanding across diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Learn how to navigate differences in race, politics, gender, faith, and more, promoting inclusivity and cooperation in our communities.

Biodiversity and Meaning

Wednesday 1:25-3:25 p.m.

Our planet's biodiversity has inspired human thought in every discipline, study, and art since prehistory. In this course, we'll explore the overwhelming various ways different animals thrive, inviting students to explore their unique passions and skills.

Concert Choir

The FLC Concert Choir is open to any student with singing experience who wants to continue making music in college! First-year students are part of the regular ensemble, performing with a community of passionate music makers. Ideally, you already have choir experience and/or can read music to achieve maximum success.

Creative Writing in Nature

Take a journey through your senses into the natural world around you. This course focuses on key works in nature writing and environmentalism. We will spend time outside observing the natural world and reflecting on our relationship to our various environments. We will use our experiences to create works of creative writing.

Explore Performing Arts

This is a chance to get your hands dirty working behind the scenes on an FLC Theatre Department Production. FYL students will learn new skills and work in the Costume Shop or Scene Shop. No previous experience is necessary! Performances will take place in the Theatre MainStage, Black Box, or Community Concert Hall. Students will enjoy building relationships with their peers as they are mentored by theatre faculty and learn theatre skills. Students have to complete their production hours throughout the semester.

Exploring Education

This course explores general issues in education, such as youth development, routines, differentiation, cognition, integrity, technology, motivation, and diversity. We connect those concepts to potential areas of leadership in education, such as adventure coaching, behavioral support, special education, advocacy, cultural ambassadors, school advising, arts and sciences teaching, fitness and training, recreation, babysitting, and parenting.

Fighting Polarization

While most agree that our society faces enormous problems, we cannot seem to have reasonable discussions about solving those problems without shouting. It does not have to be that way! This class will empower you with psychological strategies for having better conversations about the issues most important to you.

Finding Balance

This course will explore various realistic self-care and social connection strategies and on- and off-campus resources available to support you during your academic journey. We will get real and dig deep to help you find balance in an overwhelming world.

First-Gen Student Success

First-generation college students are the first in their families to graduate from a four-year institution. And 46% of FLC students are first-gen! The transition to college is different for everyone. In this course, you'll connect with a support network and learn strategies to help you succeed in your college journey.

FLC Concert Band

The FLC Concert Band is open to any student with wind, percussion, or bass instrument experience who wants to continue making music in college! First-year students are part of the regular ensemble, performing with a community of passionate music makers. You must be able to read music to be successful.


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