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Women's Cycling Coach
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cyclistsUnlike professional racing, it's the nature of collegiate cycling that has each person riding to earn points for the whole team rather than just for themselves. It's that unique spirit that forges deeper and lasting connections among collegiate cyclists that last well after their college riding days are over.

At Fort Lewis College, that cycling camaraderie has also shaped a championship cycling program that today is the gold standard in collegiate cycling.

The Fort Lewis Cycling Team was born in 1994. That year, in its first intercollegiate competition as a club sport, the new team won the inaugural National Collegiate Cycling Association mountain biking national championships. The team's first uniforms were t-shirts donated by the downtown Durango Diner, where club members would gather before their morning training rides.

Since then, the cycling world has come to know FLC Cycling – and the team's jerseys. Because since that first season, the FLC Cycling has continued its roll, winning national championships over 20 more times in mountain biking, cyclocross, and road racing.

FLC Cycling has been ranked USA Cycling's #1 Division I team in the nation four times (2007, 2009, 2010, and 2011), competing in five disciplines:

  • BMX
  • ROAD

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