Sexual Harassment & Misconduct Policies & Procedures

These policies apply to all students and employees regardless of their employment classification. All Fort Lewis College community members should expect to be free from sexual harassment or misconduct, including rape, fondling, unwelcome sexual conduct, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking.

FLC prohibits gender-based discrimination described under the FLC discriminatory harassment prohibitions.

Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedure

Our Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedure supports our community in resolving complaints either informally, by agreement, or formally through an investigation and hearing process.

Supplemental Sexual Misconduct Policy & Grievance Procedures

Our Supplemental Sexual Misconduct Policy and Grievance Procedures supplements resolutions for incidents the Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedure does not cover.

We want to hear from you

qr codeWe encourage all who have gone through the Title IX process or those who wish to share their thoughts to provide feedback. You can use the Title IX Feedback form or QR code.

Title IX Conduct Process

Students may bring an advisor to any and all meetings. Students without an advisor can contact the Title IX Coordinator for one to be provided.

A Title IX complaint is filed.

Initial inquiry conducted with complainants

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Support measures implemented

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Formal complaint signed

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Is it a Formal or Informal Process?

Formal process

A case can become Formal if either party refuses the Informal Process.

Notice of investigation sent

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Evidence gathering and interviews

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Parties review report and evidence

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Live hearing with panel

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Decision and sanctions, if responsible

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Appeal filed or case closed with supportive measures in place

Informal process

A case becomes Informal if both parties agree to the Informal Process.

Notice of allegation sent

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Dialogue with involved parties

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Agreement established and signed

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Case closed with agreement and supportive measures in place