Understand Health Center visit fees

Health Center services and fees

  • Nurse practitioner: $25
  • Medical doctor: $35
  • Additional services: Visits may incur extra charges for services like:
    • Laboratory tests
    • Surgical procedures
    • Medications
    • Physical examinations
    • Immunizations
    • Birth control options

Health Center payment and billing guide

Payment options

  • Immediate Payment: Pay for services right when you receive them at the Health Center.
  • Deferred Payment: We can add the charges to your Student Account. You have two weeks to pay.

Current insurance billing

  • Medicaid billing: We're authorized to bill Medicaid for your health services.
  • Other insurances: We're working to accept more insurance plans soon. Please provide us with your insurance details during your first Health Center visit.
  • Charges to your account: If insurance doesn't cover all your service fees, we'll bill the remaining amount to your Student Account
  • We do not offer a Student Health Insurance Plan at this time.

Medicaid application assistance