Fees, payments, and services

Fee structure

Service Fee
Nurse Practitioner $25
Medical Doctor $35
Contraception is available through a grant fund: IUDs, Nexplanon, BC Pills, DEPO, and Plan B.
Additional Services
Visits may incur extra charges for services like laboratory tests, surgical procedures, medications, physical examinations, and immunizations.

Payment options

Payment Description
Immediate Pay for services right when you receive them at the Health Center.
Deferred Charges can be added to your Student Account, with two weeks to pay.
Insurance billing* Medicaid billing authorized. We are working to accept more insurance plans. Provide insurance details during the first visit.
Charge to account The remaining fees are billed to your Student Account if they are not fully covered.

*We do not offer a Student Health Insurance Plan at this time.

Services and information

Contraception and sexual health
General medical care
Health education and promotion
Health Information Release Forms
Laboratory services
Mandatory immunizations
Medicaid application assistance
Specialized services
Travelers' Health visits