Join us in these fun group classes

  • Monday
    • 12:15pm - Dynamic Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Caroline (45 mins)
    • 2:00pm - Meditation and Mindfulness (60 mins)
    • 5:15pm - Soccer Conditioning with Milen (60 mins)
    • 6:30pm - Restorative Yoga with Noah (60 mins)
  • Tuesday 
    • 6:30am - Cross Training with Milen (60 mins)
    • 12:15pm - Spin with Mark (45 mins) 
    • 2:00pm - Meditation and Mindfulness (60 mins)
    • 4:30pm - Healing Flow Yoga with Beth (60 mins)
    • 7:00pm - Dynamic Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Caroline (60 mins)
  • Wednesday 
    • 12:15pm - Kick & Jab with Allison (45 mins)
    • 2:00pm - Meditation and Mindfulness (60 mins)
    • 6:30pm - Cross Training with Milen (60 mins, The Nest)
    • 6:30pm - Power and Flow Yoga with Noah (60 mins)
  • Thursday 
    • 12:15pm - Cardio Strength Intervals with Brandon (40 mins)
    • 2:00pm - Meditation and Mindfulness (60 mins)
    • 4:00pm - Butts and Guts with Maddie (45 mins)
    • 5:00pm - Dynamic Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Caroline (60 mins) 
    • 7:00pm - Slow Flow Restorative Yoga (60 mins) 
  • Friday 
    • 12:15pm - Power and Agility with Brandon (45 mins) 
    • 6:30pm - Power and Flow Yoga with Noah (60 mins)
  • Sunday 
    • 4:30 - Dynamic Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Caroline (60 mins)

Class Descriptions 

Healing Flow Yoga with Beth- An all-levels yoga class designed to help participants connect with the power of breath, movement, and mindful awareness as forms of healing from any kind of suffering. Themes that weave yoga philosophy with daily life and the poses will be incorporated in ways relevant to participants’ lives. Class is accessible for all bodies and fitness levels. (M)

Soccer Conditioning with Milen- Join Fort Lewis Men’s Soccer player Milen, for a soccer specific conditioning session geared to improve endurance and strength, open to anyone and everyone! (M)

C.S.I. - Stop by Brandon’s Cardio Strength Interval class. He runs you through high intensity circuits. (H) 

Kick & Jab - Learn jab and kick combos leaving you feeling empowered and strong with a fusion of martial arts and aerobics designed for all fitness levels. (M) 

Spin - Mark will have you sweating in this fast-paced cycling workout. (M-H) 

Power and Agility - Incorporating plyometric and agility drills in a moderate-high intensity class that will help you be quicker and jump higher. (M-H) 

Dynamic Vinyasa - In this class Caroline will use breath and movement to become more aligned in your bodies and minds. You will flow through a new creative sequence each week! (M)

Vinyasa Flow Yoga - A Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class for all levels, emphasizing the nuances and benefits behind each movement and each breath, as well as how we can bring these tools off the mat and into our daily lives. (L-M) 

Slow flow restorative yoga - Take a breather with Akadia. She will take you through deep stretch yoga that is sure to relieve all your stresses. (L) 

Cross Training - Join Milen in the nest for a Cross Training style workout built to burn calories and make you feel accomplished! (M-H)

Butts and Guts - Feel the burn in your glutes and core muscles in this circuit style workout with a NASM certified personal trainer! (M)

Power and Flow Yoga - Join Noah for a powerful yoga workout that will have your heart beating, your muscles feeling stretched and worked out. (M)

Restorative Yoga - Relax on Monday nights with Noah as he takes you through a relaxing sequence of poses and stretches. (L)

Fitness Intensity Key

  • H- High Intensity  
  • M- Moderate Intensity  
  • L- Low Intensity