Rent/move-in funds through the Grub Hub

Grub Hub provides enrolled, degree-seeking students emergency funding for rent/move-in needs to help ensure stable housing while we work with you on long-term housing stability. 

These funds can cover costs for anything housing-related - application fees, security deposits, rent, late fees, utilities, etc. Unsure? Just ask!

We understand emergencies happen, but we strongly encourage funding requests to be submitted by the 25th of each month. It makes the process much easier for you and us!

How to receive rent/move-in funds

Step One: Book an appointment with the Basic Needs Coordinator

The initial meeting helps us understand your situation and funding needs and create an action plan. This may also include connecting with other resources, enrolling in different benefits (SNAP, TANF, etc.), reviewing your budget, or job searching.

Book an appointment

Step Two: Gather two pieces of information

Manna Soup Kitchen, our community partner, is responsible for a record of and proper payment for your agreed-upon housing situation. They require these documents from you:

  1. A copy of your housing agreement (lease, sub-lease contract)
  2. A completed W-9 from your property manager/person you pay

Step Three: The Basic Needs Coordinator sends a referral to Manna Soup Kitchen

Once we have clarified needs, we send a referral with your contact information and the amount needed for rent to Manna Soup Kitchen, which partners with us.

Step Four: Get in touch with your Manna Soup Kitchen case manager

A case manager from Manna Soup Kitchen will contact you directly to confirm the amount (so check for any missed calls or emails and follow up!). They will also let you know when the check for rent is ready to pick up.

Step Five: Pick up your check from Manna Soup Kitchen

Once you've been notified that your check is ready for pick up, go to Manna Soup Kitchen to get it at 1100 Avenida Del Sol, Durango, CO 81301. Check their website for their open hours.

Step Six: Meet with your Basic Needs Coordinator regularly

We will work with you on a case-by-case basis. You will co-create an action and accountability plan for long-term housing stability. We aim to help you attain financial independence after one semester or until we both agree you're ready to exit the program. 


How these funds impact you financially

Tax impact

The person (usually your property manager) who completes the W-9 is responsible for any taxes, as rent is considered a source of income.

Financial aid impact

It will not impact your current financial aid package. It may affect your future financial aid package as FAFSA does request information about outside sources of financial support. Please note that FAFSA operates on information that is two years old. For example, the 2024-2025 FAFSA will ask questions about outside aid received in 2022.

Contact Grub Hub

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Basic Needs Coordinator

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