How to be an active bystander

The Student Well-Being Office works to ensure that FLC is a community of active bystanders. Being an active bystander means taking action in a risky situation…like bullying, sexual harassment or assault, discrimination, alcohol abuse, etc. You might think this comes easy and say, "Someone is bound to step up and take action if there is trouble.” However, that isn’t necessarily the case. 

We tend to make decisions and behave based on the reactions we get from others. The bystander effect is when someone is less likely to intervene in a problem situation when others are present. The more people around, the less likely we are to act!

How active a bystander are you?

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Bad Ass LogoThanks to the Colorado College Wellness Resource Center, we encourage every FLC student to be a BAD ASS! Yes, that's right. Be a BAD ASS:

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Harassment and violence are rising, and Hollaback is here to end it. They are on a mission to end harassment—in all its forms. They offer virtual, interactive harassment prevention and bystander intervention training. They have an award-winning app that can be used to document harassment and to Hollaback!

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We are committed to creating a healthy, inclusive, and safe environment for our community members. If you have a concern, use our Campus Concern Reporting form.

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