It's all about connection

Give and get support from your peers

WellPAC's Peer Support Office is an excellent way to learn about on- and off- campus resources, connect with peers, and gain new perspectives. This office is staffed by fantastic NASPA certified peer educators who are fully prepared to answer questions about sex, drugs, campus policies, fitness, and so much more!

If you feel homesick, are struggling with a group project, curious about cannabis, or anything you can think of, sit and chat with us! We are here to support you! This non-judgmental resource is a healthy way to ask questions and learn new things from someone just like you!

Interested in learning who your peer educators are before you book? Read the bios of some of the Peer Support team members and find out who might have more of a shared background with you.

Make a Peer Support appointment

Get together for some real talk with a peer in a private and neutral setting. All students are welcome. We are not counselors, but we are in this college experience together and we are here to listen, support, share resources and just to connect! 

Before seeing your peer support team member, please sign this informed consent form.

Request Peer Support

Need more info? Call 970-247-7508 or email

Interested in joining the Peer Support Team?

Do you have an open mind, excellent active listening skills, and the ability to hold space for peers who are going through challenging times? We'd love for you to join us as WellPAC Peer Support!

  1. Peer Support Requirements: Being a part of Peer Support involves a series of training, including Certified Peer Educator (CPE) training, Motivational Interviewing, Title IX mandated reporter training, and others.
  2. Certified Peer Educators are a national certification offered by the BACCHUS Initiatives of NASPA. This is one of the trainings required to be a part of Peer Support, however it’s our most valuable and rigorous training, as it covers many leadership skills that are valuable in any organization. This training is usually offered once a year and takes place over the course of a weekend.

For more information on how to become a WellPAC Peer Support, please contact or call 970-247-7508.

Interested in tutoring?

Are you passionate about your courses? Do you get excited about explaining ideas to your classmates? If so, consider applying to be an academic peer educator.