Congratulations on making it through the last week of the academic year and thank you for joining us for our Virtual De-Stress Fest! Wishing you all well as we shift into summer mode. Remember that WellPAC is here for you – even over the summer! We hope you will consider adding some of De-Stress Fest to your daily life beyond this week. Take care of yourselves! You are worth it.

Hidey holes and cathartic jams

You made it through another week of distance learning, Skyhawks, and the semester is coming to an end. Today we are all about having a little fun! We will share some good tunes and other good fun!

Live Music @ 1:00 MT

DJ NUH USWe will have LIVE MUSIC streaming on Twitch today with DJ NUH US at 1:00pm. Add to our collaborative playlist, share your favorite fun activities and more and don’t forget to tag us @flcwellpac!

Prize winners will be announced today on social media! Thank you for participating in our virtual De-Stress Fest. Take care, Skyhawks!

Got a good joke? Share it with us on Instagram and make someone smile! #keepitcleanthough 

Darsi Olsen

You might recognize Darsi Olson as our wonderful massage therapist from De-Stress Fest every year. She would like to share a couple of songs to close out Virtual De-Stress Fest with some good vibes! Enjoy!

 In Honor of the Children

 Earth's Love Song