This is fine

This may not be fine

First off, you have full permission to be scared, anxious, sad, lonely, frustrated, angry, delighted, pleasantly contented, etc. This is a hard situation. And you are a human. Some describe a healthy mind as one that can experience the full range of human emotion.

WellPAC Confessions

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Use your words

Feelings words list

There is a word out there to describe exactly how you're feeling right now, and chances are, it ain't "fine." But it can be hard to find words when we're freaked out, stressed out, panicky, scared, sad, or over-the-moon excited. So... download this handy-dandy feelings words list and have a whole bunch at the ready.

Quick tips

For managing stress

  • Control what you can control, and accept that you can’t control everything
  • Choose empowerment and proactivity over procrastination and excuses
  • Eat nutritious foods, exercise, and sleep

Oddly Satisfying videos

To help take the edge off...