Be open to talking

Approaching someone we love may be difficult, as we're often worried we might make it worse. Studies show talking about it openly and honestly is a supportive factor.

Reduce judgment

Shame is often present during or after a traumatic event. Assuring them they did nothing wrong and you still love them can go a long way to helping them feel better.

Be patient

A loved one might not be ready to share; similar events can impact people differently. Offer resources, make sure they have had water, and let them go at their own pace.

Other ways to support your loved ones

Be an active bystander
Learn about intersectional data
Learn about how power and control impact physical and sexual abuse
Practice trauma-informed listening
Understand important terms and definitions

Title IX Coordinator

Kate Suazo

Phone: 970-247-7241
Office: 230 Skyhawk Station
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Equal Opportunity Coordinator

David Pirrone

Phone: 970-247-7182
Office: 192 Education Business Hall