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living-learning community
a residence area with a specific purpose or theme, where all residents are part of the community (i.e. Adventure House)

gender-inclusive housing
housing where all combinations of gender identities are possible

affinity housing
housing where like-minded students can self-select, but is not limited to students of that identity  (i.e. athletes, LGBTQIA+)

a room with one occupant

a room with two occupants

a room with three occupants

Animas Hall

Animas Hall offers four bedroom suite-style living. A faculty member lives in the building, and provides additional programming. It is Fort...

Bader-Snyder Complex

Bader-Snyder offers three room suite-style living. It is home to the Adventure House Living Learning Community.

Camp Hall

Camp Hall offers traditional-style and suite-style rooms.

Cooper Hall

Cooper offers two bedroom suites with double occupancy rooms.

Crofton Hall

Crofton offers traditional-style double rooms and  two bedroom suites with double or triple occupancy rooms.

Escalante Hall

Escalante Hall offers traditional-style and suite-style rooms. It is home to LGBTQIA+ affinity housing.

West Hall

West Hall offers two bedroom suite-style rooms, with double or triple occupancy. It is home to athlete affinity housing.

Mears Complex

Mears Complex offers apartment-style living and is popular with upperclass students.

Centennial Complex

Centennial Complex offers apartment-style living to upperclass students and families.

Gender-inclusive housing options

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About Adventure House

Outdoors-centric Living-Learning Community housed in the Bader-Snyder Complex.

Faculty-in-Residence Program

Learn more about the Faculty-in-Residence Program; including the current faculty member.