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First-year students

Choose from Bader-Snyder, Camp, Cooper, Crofton, Escalante, or West Halls.

Continuing, returning, and transfer students

Choose from any housing option.

Family housing

Available in the Centennial Complex apartments.

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Key terms

living-learning community
a residence area with a specific purpose or theme, where all residents are part of the community (i.e. Adventure House)

gender-inclusive housing
housing where all combinations of gender identities are possible

special options
accommodations such as summer terms, gender-inclusive, accessible, or family housing

a room with one occupant

a room with two occupants

a room with three occupants

Animas Hall

Four-bedroom suite-style living, LEED Gold certified.

Bader-Snyder Complex

Three-room suite-style living. Home to the Adventure House Living Learning Community.

Camp Hall

Traditional-style and suite-style rooms.

Centennial Complex

Centennial Complex offers apartment-style living to upperclass students and families.

Cooper Hall

Two-bedroom suites with double occupancy rooms.

Crofton Hall

Traditional-style double rooms and two-bedroom suites with double or triple occupancy rooms.

Escalante Hall

Traditional-style and suite-style rooms. Home to gender-inclusive housing.

The Gauge

Off-campus apartments for Fort Lewis College students.

Mears Complex

Apartment-style living popular with upperclass students.

West Hall

Two-bedroom suite-style rooms with double or triple occupancy. Home to athlete affinity housing.

Gender-inclusive housing

Learn more about gender-inclusive housing options and how to apply.

Accessible housing

Learn more about accessible housing options and who to contact.

Summer housing

Learn more about summer housing options, rates, and how to apply.

Adventure House

Outdoors-centric Living Learning Community in the Bader-Snyder Complex.

Family housing

Family housing for students who are married or who have legal guardianship of children.