Housing costs

  • 2022 - 2023 Academic Year
  • Summer 2022
2022 - 2023 Academic Year

The rates listed below are for the 2022 - 23 academic year. 
All rates listed are per student, per semester. 

Residence Halls

Traditional Hall
Camp, Crofton, and Escalante

Double Occupancy Room

Two Bedroom Suite

Cooper and West

Double Occupancy Room

Two Bedroom Suite

Camp, Crofton, Escalante, and West

Triple Occupancy Room

Three Bedroom Suite

Bader & Snyder Adventure House Program

Double Occupancy Room
Single Occupancy Room

Four Bedroom Suite

Animas Hall Faculty-in-Residence Program

Single Occupancy Room


All apartments include kitchen units, therefore students are not required to have a meal plan. Students can add any meal plan by using WebOPUS. Additions and changes to meal plans can be made until each term's Census Date.

Centennial Apartments

Two Bedroom, Double Occupancy
One Bedroom, Double Occupancy

Mears Apartments

Two Bedroom, Single Occupancy

Family Housing Apartments

One Bedroom
Two Bedroom
Summer 2022

Block Rates for 2022 Summer Housing (5 weeks):

Housing Options Rates
Per student, per block
Mears Apartment $792 / Student / Block
Family Housing One-Bedroom $858 / Student / Block
Family Housing Two-Bedroom $997 / Student / Block

If you are not interested in Summer Block Housing, we do offer housing based on a daily rate calculation. With this option, you can choose your move in and out dates however the cost is slightly higher should you choose the Daily Rate Option below.

Daily Rates for Summer Housing:

Housing Options Daily Rate
Per student, per block
Mears Apartment $31
Family Housing One-Bedroom $32
Family Housing Two-Bedroom $36



We offer several affordable meal plans for Campus Housing residents. Campus Dining includes the San Juan Dining Hall and several retail outlets around campus.

Note, we do not offer meal plans during the Summer term. 

Go to Campus Dining

* Proposed rates, subject to approval by Board of Trustees.