1. Your event must have a cultural purpose
  2. Your event must promote diversity education and awareness
  3. Your group must have representatives from a diverse student population
  4. You must make your reservation with a recommended 2-weeks advance notice
  5. At least one student in your group must be ServSafe Trained by NAC/El Centro staff
    1. Kitchen trainings are offered once per semester, please see Lisa Cate at NAC
  6. You must observe all the rules and regulations of the Commercially Licensed kitchen
  7. You must leave the kitchen as good if not better than when you found it (Kitchen surfaces must be cleaned, dishes, pots, pans, and baking ware must be washed and put away, floors swept and mopped, trash dumped, kitchen sink and stove must be cleaned and washed, etc.
  8. You must have the kitchen inspected by El Centro or NAC staff prior to departure
  9. You must be a member and/or collaborating with one of the following NAC/El Centro-sponsored clubs:
  • AIBL
  • NA Honor Society
  • All People’s Lodge
  • Dine Club
  • Native American Outdoor Club
  • Wanbli Ota
  • Buffalo Council
  • Native Intervarsity
  • Pejuta Tipi Society
  • Bala Sinem
  • Pueblo Alliance
  • Club del Centro
  • Club Ballet Folklorico de Durango
  • Indigenous Feminism Rising

*If you do not meet the above critera, special exemptions are available upon request on a very limited basis. Requests must be submitted two weeks in advance and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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