Q: Do I live with my local family?

A: No.  The family is there to provide support and friendship and to help introduce you to the Durango area.

Q: Can I stay with my local family over holidays and breaks?

A: You should not expect this; we do not anticipate families will offer to house their students during winter and spring breaks.  If you stay in Durango during those times, you will need to seek other accommodations.

Q: Can I continue in the program after my first year?

A: We certainly hope that after your first year, you will have developed a close relationship with your local family and are encouraged to keep in touch with them. 

Q: Is there a cost?

A: The program is free for all students.  The only additional costs might come from special outings with your local family.

Q: What activities can I expect to do with my local family?

A: How much or how little you do with your family will be up to you and them.  We try to match students with families of similar interests.  That is why it is important to tell us what you like to do on your application.  The specific activities will depend on the interests of your host family; they might include:

  • Outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, biking, fishing, riding, or photography
  • Day trips to places like Silverton and the mountains, Mesa Verde National Park, or shopping
  • Entertainment such as dinners out, concerts, plays, or movies
  • Inclusion in family meals or activities

Your family might also be able to help with things like transportation to and from the airport, arranging medical help in emergencies, and storing your things over the summer.

Q: When will I learn who my family is?

A: The assignments will be made in early August, and you should learn who your local family will be about a week before the start of school.

Q: What if I am not comfortable with my assignment?

A: The Steering Committee will work to reassign you to a different family.