The Four Corners Noyce Scholars (FCNS) program offers these stipend/scholarship opportunities for STEM students considering teaching K-12:

First-year and sophomore students

Stipends for working with youth in activities that gain you exposure to teaching. This includes touring science labs, conducting experimental demonstrations, leading activities at a math festival table, tutoring, presenting activities in classrooms, and more.

Paid summer intensive STEM teaching experiences through the Powerhouse Science Center, Durango Nature Studies, or regional math and science camps.

Junior and senior students

Two years of scholarship support (>$10,000 annually) for STEM majors who concurrently pursue teacher certification.

Post-baccalaureate/MAE: Teacher Licensure program students

One year of scholarship support (>$10,000) for students who graduated with a STEM major and are now seeking teacher certification. Students in their first year of the MAE: Teacher Licensure program qualify for this scholarship opportunity.

Former Noyce scholars

Stipends for teachers in their first year to support professional activities.

Apply now or contact us with questions about teaching scholarship opportunities.