Then & Now

We refer to it as a mesa, but the flat-topped home of the FLC campus 300 feet above Durango is technically a “fluvial bench” – a layer of ancient river deposits dropped by an ancestral Animas River and carved along its edges over thousands of years by that same stream.

In Durango’s early days, this prominent landmark was known as Reservoir Hill because the city’s water supply was stored up here. There was also a dirt airstrip  and, in the 1930s, housing for a company of Civilian Conservation Corps workers.

In 1956, Fort Lewis A&M College moved from its long-time home in Hesperus, 18 miles west, to its present location atop what now is called “the Rim.” Here, overlooking Durango, Fort Lewis College has flourished and since blossomed into the institution we know and love today.