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We refer to it as a mesa, but the flat-topped home of the FLC campus 300 feet above Durango is technically a “fluvial bench” – a layer of ancient river deposits dropped by an ancestral Animas River and carved along its edges over thousands of years by that same stream.

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The view from here is pretty inspiring.

From the Fort Lewis College campus, you can watch the sun rise from behind a pinion-and juniper-adorned ridgeline, and then see it set behind a sweeping range of mountain peaks, diamond white in winter and cool blue-green in the summer.

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In May, President Dene Kay Thomas announced that she will retire effective June 30, 2018, concluding an eight-year run that saw a number of challenges and accomplishments that helped to reshape the College.

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At FLC, students have a chance to get really dynamic with their study breaks. Sure, we’re known for our world-class hiking, skiing, and mountain biking. But we also have a hoppin’ dance community that’s accessible to dancers of all skill levels and styles.

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It’s hard to go into business with family. But the Martin brothers can hardly imagine working with anybody else. For them, the formula is paying off: Nitrum Dynamic Paint, which they founded while attending Fort Lewis College, is increasing its capacity to recycle paint, while also contributing to a better world and keeping these brothers connected beyond their college experiences.

/Portals/0/EasyDNNRotator/30608/News/aid1149932Sitter-hall-homepagemain.png A new home for science

Sometimes a building is just a building. In the case of FLC’s newest academic hall, though, this building is also a highly functional artistic gateway to the future for FLC’s student scientists.

Latest News

Climate Change Symposium available on FLC YouTube channel

If you missed the Climate Change Symposium at Fort Lewis College, you can watch it on the Fort Lewis College YouTube channel. The Climate Change Symposium brought together experts from across the state to discuss the past, present and future issues surrounding climate change.

Part I - 

  • Dr. Kevin Trenberth, distinguished senior scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research

Part II - 

  • Dr. Ryan Haaland, professor and chair of the FLC Physics & Engineering Department
  • Dr. Gary Gianniny, professor and chair of the FLC Geosciences Department
  • Dr. Emile Elias, director of the US Department of Agriculture’s Southwest Climate Hub

Part III -
  • Dr. Heidi Steltzer, associate professor in the FLC Biology Department
  • Panel Discussion

The Climate Change Symposium is sponsored by the FLC Office of the President and the Professional Associates of Fort Lewis College.

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