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Notice: In the summer of 2022, to better serve our students and plan for the future, the School of Arts & Sciences was split into the School of Science & Health and the School of Culture & Environment. We will be updating this website to reflect these changes soon. 

The arts and sciences serve as the foundation of general education at liberal arts institutions. Indeed, the desire to learn, explore, and knowledge has led humans to experiment and change for centuries. As we seek our places in the world, our roles in our communities, and our careers, we are constantly engaged with numerous ideas and disciplines.

The arts and sciences are communities of scholars, teachers, and staff who work together to provide excellent programs of study and co-curricular opportunities for our students. We prepare them to be responsible participants in the world and teach them how to navigate the numerous paths they will travel.

This page is a source of information for Department Chairs, Program Directors, and faculty. You can find documents and helpful links to college forms.

Our new academic division structure strengthens our departments and allows new forms of collaboration. 

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