Dr. Bob Stremba Access Scholarship

The Dr. Bob Stremba Access Scholarship aids FLC Adventure Education students with costs such as travel, gear, and permits for transforming our incredible local area into active learning spaces. To help cover these course fees, the scholarship—funded by an endowment honoring Dr. Stremba's legacy—supports students in the intensive Immersion Semester.

Eligibility requirements and application instructions

Apply for the Dr. Bob Stremba Access Scholarship if you meet these criteria:

  • Currently enrolled in and participating in AE 201 (Wilderness Expedition), AE 210 (Wilderness Leadership), and AE 301 (Site Management), collectively referred to as "The Block."
  • Registered in Adventure Education courses required for the major during the semester following The Block.
  • Complete all Block courses with grades of C+ or better.
  • Complete an Application for Consideration.

Applications are due before week seven of the semester you are enrolled in The Block. The scholarship committee will evaluate all applications and awards, which will be dispersed during the first week after the semester ends.

Submit an Application for Consideration

For more information, please contact Eli Shostak at egshostak@fortlewis.edu or Aaron Ball at ball_a@fortlewis.edu.

Empower the next generation of adventure educators

The Dr. Bob Stremba Access Scholarship is made possible by an endowment in his name. The goal of this endowment is to reduce or completely eliminate the expenses adventure education students incur while completing essential fieldwork.

Contributions to this endowment help reduce financial barriers and increase diversity in the adventure education and recreation discipline. Together, we can ensure the next generation of adventure educators is unencumbered by the costs associated with entry, which should never stand in the way of learning, exploring, and growing.

Support the Dr. Bob Stremba Access Scholarship

About Dr. Bob Stremba

Image of Dr. Bob StrembaWell known for founding the Adventure Education Department at Fort Lewis College and serving as its Chair for 11 years, Dr. Bob Stremba's significant contributions to the adventure education field extend far beyond Fort Lewis's campus. Bob started three other outdoor and adventure education degree programs and two outdoor orientation programs. The outdoor orientation programs are especially notable since they were some of the first. 

Dr. Stremba was a prolific author. His published works include:

  • Teaching how theory, research, and conceptual models inform practice and vice versa.
  • The connections between nature and mindfulness.
  • Project-based learning.
  • Using adventure processing and facilitation to promote social-emotional development.

In addition to numerous academic articles on these subjects, Dr. Stremba co-wrote the graduate text and faculty resource book "Teaching Adventure Education Theory: Best Practices" (2009), which is about teaching theory experientially.

Bob worked with the Association for Experiential Education, or AEE, for many years as a lead reviewer of outdoor education and therapeutic wilderness programs. He served on AEE regional and international conference planning committees and convened two AEE regional conferences at Fort Lewis College. 

Towards the end of his life, Bob was Co-Founder and Executive Director of The Experience Collaborative. After founding the Adventure Education program at Fort Lewis College, Bob recognized the value of having world-class outdoor classrooms within a short drive from campus.