Dr. Davina Two Bears

Dr. Davina Two Bears
Visiting Assistant Professor of Native American & Indigenous Studies and Mellon Scholar

Areas of expertise: 

  • Navajo Historic Preservation
  • Navajo and Federal Indian Boarding Schools
  • Navajo Cultural History
  • Indigenous Archaeology
  • Contemporary Native American Music



  • BA Anthropology, Dartmouth College 1990
  • MA Sociocultural Anthropology, Northern Arizona University 2002
  • PhD Anthropology (with an emphasis in Archaeology) & PhD Minor in Native American Indigenous Studies, Indiana University 2019


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About Dr. Davina Two Bears

Dr. Two Bears is Diné (Navajo) originally from Birdsprings, Arizona. Her maternal clan is Tódích’íi’nii, Bitter Water, and she was born for Táchii’nii, Red Running into the Water Clan. Before deciding to go back to school, Dr. Two Bears worked for the Navajo Nation Archaeology Department for 14 years as a tribal archaeologist and program manager. In 2019 Dr. Two Bears completed her dissertation and received her doctoral degree from Indiana University in Anthropology with an emphasis in Archaeology, and a PhD Minor in Native American and Indigenous Studies. Davina's dissertation focuses on the history of the Old Leupp Boarding School (OLBS), an early twentieth century Federal Indian Boarding School on the southwestern Navajo Reservation in Leupp, Arizona. She enjoys teaching, spending time with her children and family, attending Navajo & Native American cultural events, and listening to Native American contemporary music.

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