CU Nursing Fort Lewis College Collaborative

The University of Colorado College of Nursing at the Anschutz Medical Campus and Fort Lewis College have formed a unique partnership for a four-year nursing degree. This program brings top medical education to the rural and Indigenous-focused FLC campus in Southwest Colorado.

The partnership introduces a new approach to healthcare, blending practical, culturally-aware patient care with modern medical trends such as telehealth, which is especially needed in the rural areas near Durango.

At a glance

  • Admission is open to currently enrolled and recent graduates of FLC 
  • CU Nursing enrolls 24 students into the FLC/CU Nursing Collaborative every summer. 
  • On-campus program with limited online courses. 
  • Seamless experience between FLC and CU Nursing. Students maintain access to FLC student services while enrolled in the nursing program. 
  • Nursing courses and clinical education are housed in the newly renovated Skyhawk Hall. 
  • A robust clinical experience designed to create competent practitioners that will serve the diverse healthcare needs of the Southwest communities.

CU Nursing will welcome the first cohort of students in the Summer of 2025. 

CU Boulder and Fort Lewis College logos and partnership

B.S. in Nursing

Admitted students will earn their bachelor of science degree from the highest-ranked Colorado nursing program.

Four years at FLC campus

Start with two years of courses at FLC, then apply to the CU Nursing program. Choose 'pre-nursing' for your major to ensure you meet CU Nursing's requirements.

A unique approach

Learn holistic healthcare that serves the diversity of the Four Corners region. Classes are in the updated Skyhawk Hall with state-of-the-art learning tools and simulations.

Maggie La Rose Director of Nursing

"The Nursing Collaborative is an exciting opportunity to connect the Front Range to the Western Slope. Blending FLC’s commitment to student success and CU Anschutz’s expertise will make this program a nationwide example of how to address rural health disparities through the lens of preventative, Indigenous, and community-based health care."

  • How to apply
  • Fort Lewis College pre-requisite courses
  • CU Anschutz Nursing program
How to apply

The FLC/CU Nursing program is for students at FLC or those who just graduated. If you're a current student, choose 'pre-nursing' to get the correct guidance. Recent grads should talk to CU Nursing about any extra needed courses.

Apply by September 15.

Find more application details on the CU Nursing website

Fort Lewis College pre-requisite courses

Students currently enrolled at Fort Lewis College should reach out to the pre-nursing advising team to create a plan that will ensure completion of the CU Nursing prerequisite requirements for admission and enrollment. General guidance on admission includes:

  • Students must complete prerequisite courses in the sciences and liberal arts core courses with a grade of C or better. A grade of C- will not be acceptable for admission. A minimum number of prerequisites are required by the application deadline.
  • A minimum 3.0 prerequisite GPA is required for nursing admission. The prerequisite GPA is created using the highest grade attempts reported on transcripts at the time of application. Due to the competitive nature of the CU Nursing program, we strongly suggest a minimum overall Science GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Entrance to the program is determined using a holistic review process, which includes reviewing all required documents, an admission interview if selected, and participation in our spontaneous writing activity.
  • If admitted, no more than one science course can be taken in the spring semester before the start of the program. 
CU Anschutz Nursing program

The CU Nursing program is a cohort model with all students completing in two years. The curriculum engages students in clinical activities in the first semester and concludes in the final semester with a clinical immersion which engages the students in applying their full clinical and didactic training in a professional setting.

The CU Nursing sample curriculum plan is available online. The program is a full-time, on-campus program with limited online courses. As a cohort model, the credits required per semester cannot be altered.

Due to the rigor of the program, working is not recommended but understood. If working is necessary, it is encouraged to seek flexible part-time employment that can be arranged around class and clinical scheduling.

Your career path

FLC students in a labratory working on a chemistry project

This community-facing program will prepare you for a future career and address gaps in regional healthcare services:

Contact us

Shasta Hampton
Pre-Nursing Advisor and Coordinator

Maggie LaRose
Director of Nursing