U-RISE mentor research projects

Dr. Shere Byrd (Biology)
Dr. Callie Cole (Chemistry and Biochemistry)
Dr. Steven Fenster (Biology)
Dr. Jeff Jessing (Physics and Engineering)
Dr. Caroline Kulesza (Biology)
Dr. Devin Leahy (Physics & Engineering)
Dr. Joslynn Lee (Chemistry)
Dr. Erin Lehmer (Biology)
Dr. Jeff McFarlane (Chemistry and Biochemistry)
Dr. Yiyan Li (Physics and Engineering)
Dr. Jennifer L. Lowell (Biology, Public Health Program)
Dr. Kenny Miller (Chemistry and Biochemistry)
Dr. Aimee Morris (Chemistry and Biochemistry)
Dr. Sara Newman (Health Sciences)
Dr. Missy Thompson (Exercise Science)
Dr. Megan Wrona (Psychology)

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U-RISE contacts

Dr. Kenny Miller
Professor and Director, FLC NIH U-RISE Program

Department of Chemistry
144 Chemistry Hall
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Nicole Carey
U-RISE Program Coordinator

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Christine Smith, Undergraduate Research Coordinator

Phone: 970-852-5190
Email: smith_christine@fortlewis.edu

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