Senate President
Byron Dare, Political Science (2007)

Faculty Member of the Board of Trustees
Bridget Irish, Writing Program (2008)

Senators Elected at Large
Shawn Fullmer, English (2007)
Dennis Lum, Sociology (2007)
Pam Smith, Mathematics (2009)
Joe Lounge, Teacher Education (2007)
Chuck Yoos, SOBA (2008)

Senators Elected from Natural and Behavioral Sciences
Betty Dorr, Psychology (2008)
Chuck Riggs, Anthropology (2008)
John Condie, Biology (2007)
Paul Peterson, Exercise Science (2009)
Jim Cross, Exercise Science (2009)
Kim Hannula, Geosciences (2007)

Senators Elected from Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Larry Hartsfield, English (2009)
Nancy Cardona, English (2007)
Peter McCormick, Southwest Studies (2008)
Ellen Paul, History (2009)
Chad Colby, Art (2008)
Michael Martin, History (2007)

Senators Elected from the School of Business Administration
Suzanne Wilhelm, SOBA (2007)
Doug Lyon, SOBA, (2009)
Stephanie Owings, SOBA (2008)

Senator Elected from the Library
Minna Sellers, Library (2009)

Senator Elected from the Writing Program
Molly Costello, Writing Program (2009)

Senator Elected from the Teacher Education Program
Gene Taylor, Teacher Education (2008)

created 8/31/2007, jmc

Faculty Senate Executive Committee - 2010-2011

Officers of the Senate serve in the position annually, with the exception of the representative to the Board of Trustees, who serves a two year term.
President – Jim Cross,
Vice President – Betty Dorr,
BOT Rep - Chuck Riggs,
Chair of Committees – Rick Gore,
Recording Secretary – Amy Sellin,
Corresponding Secretary - John Condie,