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Senate President
Chuck Riggs, Anthropology (2013)

Faculty Representative to the Board of Trustees
Amy Wendland, Art (2014)

Senators Elected at Large
Janice Templeton, Psychology (2013)
Pam Smith, Math (2013)
Beverly Chew (2015)
Kenny Miller (2015)

Senators Elected from Natural and Behavioral Sciences
John Condie, Biology (2013)
Melissa Knight-Maloney, Exercise Science (2015)
Betty Dorr, Psychology (2014)
Ryan Haaland, Physics (2013)
Kathy Fine-Dare, Anthropology (2015)
Heidi Steltzer, Biology (2014)

Senators Elected from Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Jay Dougan, Art (2014)
Rebecca Clausen, Sociology (2013)
Michael Fry, History (2015)
Justin McBrayer, Philosophy (2015)
Jonathan Latta, Music (2013)
Amy Sellin, Modern Languages (2014)

Senators Elected from Business Administration
Simon Walls, SOBA (2013)
Deborah Walker, SOBA (2015)
Rick Gore, SOBA (2014)

Senators Elected from Full-time, Non-tenure Track Faculty
Michelle Bonanno, Writing Program (2014)
Leslie Goldstein, Freshman Math Program (2013)

Senator Elected from the Library
Astrid Oliver, Library (2015)

Senator Elected from Teacher Education
Kriss Greer, Teacher Education (2014)