Get photos and logos

Mar-Com maintains an online Digital Asset Management system, or DAM, that houses visual assets for faculty and staff. We have just sunset our previous platform and are transitioning to a new and improved one called Media Valet.

Media Valet houses FLC photos, logos, and design templates

Access our extensive library of photos that span all departments and aspects of Fort Lewis College.

Use single-sign-on to access Media Valet

Swag logos and design templates

Media Valet will host a whole asset library specifically for swag. MarComm will provide suggestions and instructions for approved vendors through which you can place your orders. We are also building a template library in Media Valet and Canva, which we will share with Campus later this semester.

Submit photos to FLC

If you have images that you want to be considered for use by FLC Marketing, contact Marketing Photographer Cole Davis at so that you can be added to the contributors list.

Contributed images require IPTC metadata.

Metadata can be attached to each image using Adobe Lightroom or Photos on Mac. Metadata should include:

  • subject name/s
  • location
  • time and date
  • class
  • major
  • department
  • event name

If you cannot access Adobe Lightroom or a similar program, email your metadata details to photographer Cole Davis. Stay tuned to learn how to add photos to Media Valet once you've attached metadata.

Note: Images uploaded will be viewed and approved by Director Anna McBrayer and Photographer Cole Davis. Viewing, approval, and editing will take between 1-3 weeks. As photos are approved, they will be available for download and used in Media Valet.