Appealing your admission decision

Applicants denied admission to Fort Lewis College can request a reevaluation of their application through an appeal

Generally, applicants appeal if they have additional information about their academic preparation and ability to be successful in college-level courses that they believe were not considered adequately through the usual application review process or that an error occurred in that review. 

The admission appeal process

To appeal, the student must submit a written statement requesting reconsideration of their application for admission, including information regarding their academic experience, any circumstances they believe would be necessary for the admission committee to be aware of, and any additional evidence of their academic preparation.

Letter of appeal

A letter of appeal must be typed and not longer than three pages.

  • Your appeal should explain your reasons for seeking reconsideration. 
  • Your appeal should be clear and concise in presenting your case for admission. 
  • If you believe we missed something important, you may direct our attention to it again. 

We suggest you share more about your educational journey to provide context to any disruptions, hardships, or barriers that may have affected your academic record that might not have been clear in your original application. 

Supporting documents
  • First-year applicants must provide a final high school transcript.
  • Transfer applicants must provide a college transcript demonstrating grades through the most recently completed quarter or semester.
  • You can also include supplemental information like letters of recommendation, updated standardized test scores, statements from guidance counselors, etc.

Appeals must be submitted by the correct deadline for consideration.  

  • The deadline to appeal an admission decision for the Fall term is July 15. Students receiving an initial denial decision after July 15 may only appeal for the SPRING TERM.

  • The deadline to appeal an admission decision for the Spring term is December 1. Students receiving an initial denial decision after December 1 may only appeal for Summer/Fall term.

  • The deadline to appeal an admission decision for the Summer term is March 15. Students receiving an initial denial decision after March 15 may appeal for FALL TERM only. 

Your letter of appeal and supplemental documentation must be postmarked by the deadline or emailed or delivered in person by the deadline.

What to expect after you've submitted your appeal

Appeal requests will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and the applicant will be notified by email of the committee's final decision within four weeks.

Appeal Committee decisions are final. Students are welcome to apply for a future term, and previous admission decisions will not be considered part of a new application.