Kickstart your adventure during high school

Thinking about what's after high school? The Dual Enrollment program at Fort Lewis College helps you start early. In our program, you can earn college credits while you finish high school, helping you save effort and money. Whether you plan to go to college or start a career right away, this program gets you ready.

  • Cost-savvy college credits: Dual EnrollmentASCENT, and  TREP students can take classes at FLC with little to zero cost. Earn credits without straining your budget.
  • Classes that travel with you: Credits go toward your degree at FLC and can be Guaranteed Transfer Credits for wherever your future takes you.
  • Build skills for the future: Dual enrollment helps you to build skills for any career, not just for college.
  • Did you know? Dual Enrollment students have the upper hand, graduating faster and achieving higher GPAs.

Ready to explore how Dual Enrollment can turbocharge your future? Talk with your school counselor and make an appointment with the FLC Dual Enrollment Coordinator. 

Admission process

It takes 15-20 minutes to complete your application and start your next adventure.

1. Talk with your high school counselor
2. Fill out your application

Apply to Fort Lewis College

Next steps after you're admitted to FLC

1. Confirm enrollment
2. Activate your FLC account and make a registration appointment
3. Research the courses you want to take
4. Complete your Dual Enrollment Checklist


  • Spring semester
  • Fall semester
Spring semester



Dual enrollment advising begins



Continuing student registration begins



New student registration begins

Fall semester



Dual Enrollment advising begins



Continuing student registration begins



New student registration begins

Admission decisions

Applications are processed on a rolling basis and typically notified within one week of submitting a complete application.

Meet some of our Dual Enrollment faculty

Female student works on a laptop in the Reed Library.

"These courses helped me experience and explore many different classes and gain lots of knowledge not only of the course content but also of how I am as a student. When I did Dual Enrollment my senior year, I had no definite idea of what I wanted to do with my life. Having the opportunity to take college courses in high school helped me narrow down what I do and do not like and took me a step closer to figuring out what major I want to study"

Contact Us

Admission Office

Fort Lewis College
1000 Rim Drive
Durango, CO 81301

Phone: 877-352-2656 or 970-247-7184
Fax: 970-247-7179

Dual enrollment contact

Jonathan Smith
Coordinator of Teacher Licensure and Dual Enrollment
Phone: 970-247-6032

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