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And the winner is...

March's ballot gave you the option of selecting:

  • Organic Bananas (sourced from Fresh Pack)
  • Organic Spinach (sourced from Fresh Pack and Sysco)
  • Organic Potatoes (sourced seasonally from Old Fort Farm)

400 campus diners, faculty & staff made their voices heard..and the majority  demanded for Local, Organic Potatoes!

From here on out, FLC and Sodexo are proud to serve you organically-grown, Old Fort Farm locally-sourced* potatoes! That shifts $8900 into 'real' foods and our local economy and increases our Real Food purchasing percentage by .5%

Thank you for helping us to 'move the needle'. Stay tuned in September for our next Vote Real!

About Vote Real: Vote Real is an initiative launched by the Environmental Center’s Real Food Challenge team in to provide FLC students, faculty and staff with the opportunity to move the Real Food Challenge forward in a way that meets their interests and desires.  When you Vote Real, you choose between 2-3 different food products they would like to see shifted from current conventional standards to a ‘real’ product (fair, humane, ecologically-sound, and/or local). The product that receives the most votes will be shifted on Sodexo’s purchasing roster as seasonally available…students will help create the change that they wish to see…and we will be that much closer to meeting our Real Food Challenge goal (20% Real by 2020) and creating a fair, healthy, and environmentally-sustainable food system.


Welcome Welcome Welcome!

Students, Staff, Faculty, Parents, and Community Members:

Welcome (back) to Fort Lewis College for the 2016 Fall Semester! Here at the Environmental Center we are currently hard at work getting a ton of awesome opportunities and events ramped up for the 2016-2017 academic year. Please explore our website to learn more about who we are, what we do, and ways that you can get involved!

Feel free to contact us and to come by our office in Student Union 145 - just down the hall from the main information desk.

Here's to another amazing year of creating a more socially-just and environmentally-responsible world!

Be sustainable, be well,

Rachel & Marty

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