What do faculty and staff think of StrengthsQuest?

"I teach a Comp Two class that focuses on romantic love, and as a teacher, I am always looking for new ways to assist my students both academically and personally. The StrengthsQuest workshop was engaging, educational, and, frankly, a lot of fun for both me and my students. We learned about our own strengths as well as each other's, and we applied those assessments to real-world situations, in particular, social relationships.  The analytical exercises and group discussions fit perfectly with the theme of our class and benefited us in our understanding of the importance of communication within any kind of relationship.”

"StrengthsQuest has been utilized by students as the first step of self-assessment in their research for a major. Students overwhelming find the StrengthsQuest report and the workshop on connecting strengths to academics as an asset in their major discovery."

“StrengthsQuest was a vital tool for the success of Student Union Productions, a student run organization.  After pinpointing their strengths, the students were easily able to identify where they excel and where they need help from their peers.  The students began to implement StrengthsQuest in their language and the group was able to connect and understand their thought process with ease.  For example, students would say, ‘I was able to complete this task because I am a Maximizer and I enjoy the small details.’  I strongly believe that StrengthsQuest is a tool that everyone should take advantage of.”

“As advisor for the FLC Wellness Peer Advisory Council (WellPAC), I have been impressed with using StrengthsQuest as a tool for communication and effective group management.  The Leadership Programs staff led WellPAC through StrengthsQuest activities at our fall retreat, where the group really got a chance to get to know one another on a deeper level and learned that our strengths fall into the ‘relationship building’ category, and that our challenges would most likely fall into the ‘executing’ category.  Throughout this year, we have always come back to these first exercises and taken opportunities to revisit where our strengths lie and how we can meet each other where we are at, in turn most effectively meeting the wellness needs of the general student population that WellPAC serves.  We are so thankful to have participated in StrengthsQuest and look forward to following up at our spring retreat.”