Join Student Union Productions!

Student Union Productions is a student-run organization that hosts programs to complement your collegiate experience. SUP events include concerts, movies, speakers, novelty acts, and more! Programs are open to ALL students, staff, and faculty. Check out SUP's SkyHub page for upcoming events and information!

Have an excellent idea for an event, speaker, or other program?

SUP is staffed by students who coordinate booking, promoting, and producing programs for students. Students can determine performers, artists, and acts who will educate and entertain FLC students. Members receive the inside scoop on on-campus events and have a blast as event coordinators.

You'll get to work on exciting committees like SKYFEST, Programming, Promotions, Live Entertainment, and Virtual Programming. You will live, learn, and create memorable experiences for the FLC community while meeting a highly motivated, diverse group.

SUP Weekly Meetings

Date: Every Tuesday
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Location: Cascade Room, Student Union 112