Welcome to CARE

Fort Lewis College seeks to ensure a campus free from sexual misconduct and FLC does not tolerate

  • sexual or gender-based harassment
  • hostile environment sexual harassment
  • non-consensual sexual intercourse
  • non-consensual sexual contact
  • sexual exploitation
  • domestic violence
  • dating violence
  • stalking
  • or attempts at these behaviors.

The Sexual Misconduct Policy defines these acts as well as consent. Retaliation against any person who reports sexual misconduct, files a complaint, or participates in the Grievance Procedure is prohibited.

Tell Someone

Tell someoneIf you are having an emergency, please call 911.

Please click on the "Tell Someone" button if you are concerned that an FLC student or employee may be a victim of an assault, harassment or discrimination.

You may report anonymously, but if you are a victim we encourage you to provide your contact information, so we can ask questions or provide support. Providing the name of the perpetrator allows us to identify patterns which might be helpful in protecting the campus as a whole.

To report sexual misconduct to the College:
Molly Wieser, Title IX Coordinator
Email Molly
Skyhawk Station, RM 230
Schedule an appointment with Molly

To get confidential support and case management:
Kate Suazo
Professional Advocate and Case Manager
Email Kate
Text or call 970-426-5880
FLC Counseling Center
FLC Survivor Support Fund