Get emergency information with Skyhawk Alert

Skyhawk Alert is an emergency notification service that gives FLC the ability to communicate health and safety emergency information quickly via email and text message.

These messages contain critical situational information related to the operations of FLC and the safety of community members. Skyhawk Alert is used during a safety emergency on the physical grounds of campus or when there is an unexpected closing of the campus. Skyhawk Alerts may also be sent when there is an off-campus incident and the threat is moving toward FLC.

FLC enrolls all current students and employees to receive Skyhawk Alerts at their official FLC email address and at the cell phone number listed in Worday (employees) or WebOpus (students). Check that your cell phone number is up-to-date to ensure you receive these messages!

Employees: Workday

Students: WebOpus

Email is the most reliable form of College communications. In fact, electronic mail is an official means of communication within FLC. Therefore, FLC has the right to send communications via electronic mail and the right to expect that those communications will be received and read in a timely fashion. Read our College Electronic Mail policy.

In addition to email and text alerts, FLC will post emergency messages on social media, the FLC website, and digital screens across campus.

Directions, not details

Skyhawk Alerts are action-oriented; the messages are brief and will give you clear instructions. For example:

  • Campus is now on lockdown. Residents should return to their rooms and shelter in place. Police are present to secure buildings. More info will be shared as situation continues to evolve.
  • Classes canceled 2/23 due to severe weather forecast. Check your FLC email for more info.
  • There has been a sighting of 2 mountain lions in the area of the pipe drums near Kroeger Hall. Please use caution.

Skyhawk Alerts will contain directions, not details. The messages are meant to inform you of the immediate action you need to take. However, knowing that there are many questions in these types of situations, we strive to follow up the alerts with more information via campus emails and social media.

Multiple Skyhawk Alerts may be sent at a time, especially as a situation evolves. Also, these messages may be sent outside of normal business hours.

Learn more about campus safety procedures


The emergency alert system is linked to the following social media accounts:

Anytime an alert is sent, these social media platforms will post the alert. You can have push notifications from these social media apps enabled on your phone to receive alerts.

Opting out

To stop receiving text message alerts, you can reply to the last Skyhawk Alert text message with the word STOP. You will stop receiving text message alerts, but you will still receive email alerts.

To opt out of Skyhawk Alert entirely and stop receiving any emergency text messages and emails, download the Opt-Out Form and return to

More information

As with all methods of emergency communication, it is important to remember that Skyhawks Alert is just one of the many ways that the College contacts its campus community when an extreme emergency occurs on our campus. Skyhawk Alert relies on independent third parties, such as your cell phone carrier to transmit these emergency messages. While this system is deemed highly reliable, there is no express guarantee or warranty that all emergency alerts will be delivered.

About Omnilert

Skyhawk Alert is powered by Omnilert, a national mass notification solutions provider. Contact information you provide to the Skyhawk Alert service will only be used for delivering health and safety emergency information through Omnilert. Omnilert also has a strict "Zero Spam" policy.