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Donate Produce to the Grub Hub

What is Fresh Food Connect?

Fresh Food Connect is an application designed to facilitate the connection between home gardeners and hunger relief organizations. If you have an abundance of produce from your home garden, you can utilize this app to locate the designated drop-off point, record your excess harvest, and deliver it to the Grub Hub at Fort Lewis College.

By using this app, you ensure that your extra produce is put to good use, providing fresh, locally grown food to individuals where access to nutritious options may be limited.

Download the app:
Apple App Store | Google Play Store

Who is eligible to donate?

The Grub Hub accepts donations from the following zip codes:

81121, 81122, 81137, 81301, 81303, 81321, 81326, 81328, 81330, 81323

Explore Fresh Food Connect to register and start contributing. The period for garden donations extends from late June to early November.

Want to donate extra produce?

  1. Install the Fresh Food Connect app
  2. Input your zip code (Your drop-off location should pop-up as the Grub Hub at Fort Lewis College)
  3. Click the "Share My Harvest" button when you have produce to share
  4. Record your donation
  5. Specify your time slot
  6. Follow delivery instructions provided

 Thank you for your contribution!