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Prepping pizza at San Juan Dining

Enjoy your favorite meals through San Juan Dining. Grab a quick bite and cup of coffee at Animas Perks, Berndt Hall Café, or Jones Hall Simply To Go. The choice is yours. Meal plans include entry to San Juan Dining, meals at Rocket Express, and Dining Dollars to spend at the other Campus Dining venues.

San Juan Dining and retail locations around campus will be open for residents and commuters. Similar to your favorite resturants, we have expanded sanitation behaviors, hot and cold food options in to go containers, pre-packaged food options and safety considerations. We are committed to ensuring you remain satisfied and confident dining with us. 

Residential meal plans

When you sign up to live in the residence halls, you'll purchase your meal plan through Student Housing. You will be assigned the 19-meal plan once you are placed in one of the on-campus residence halls. You are able to change your meal plan through WebOpus up until Census Day each semester.


Voluntary & other meal plans

If you live off-campus, you may choose to purchase a meal plan for convenient and affordable access to healthy and delicious food. Staff and faculty may also purchase meal plans.

Residential Meal Plans

A student eating in a dining hall

If you are assigned a room space in a residence hall, you'll be assigned the 19-meal plan as part of your housing placement. If you'll be living in the Apartments, you may choose any of the residential meal plans, or purchase a Voluntary Meal Plan. Voluntary plans are available to commuters, too. You may change your meal plan up until Census Day each semester.

Changing your meal plan

If you live on-campus, you can go to your housing application through WebOpus to change your meal plan up until Census Day each semester. If you live off-campus, go to the Sodexo site to make changes. No changes are allowed after Census Day.

Meal plans & prices

  • 2021 - 22
2021 - 22

Illustration of a slice of pizza with gooey melted cheese19 Meals + $200 Dining Dollars
Best for the active student who enjoys three meals a day, with $200 dining dollars for coffee breaks, snacks and late night dining.

2021 - 22: $2794.00/per semester

Illustration of a hot dog with a zig-zag of mustard on it14 Meals + $350 Dining Dollars
With just slightly less all you care to enjoy meals and a few more dining dollars, this is a good alternative for the less structured eater who enjoys smaller portions more frequently.

2021 - 22: $2662.00/per semester

Illustration of burrito overflowing with tasty vittles10 Meals + $500 Dining Dollars
Offers the least amount of meals at San Juan Dining Hall, with the greatest freedom of dining dollars. This is a good option for the lighter eater who takes weekends away.

2021 - 22: $2387.00/per semester

More options for you

In an attempt to better serve you and the changing needs of dining on campus, we’ve made some changes so you have more options. Get more versatility out of meal plans and stay green when you take your meals to go.

Use a meal swipe at retail locations

In a hurry? Use a meal plan swipe at Rocket Grill, Animas Perks, Berndt Hall Café or Jones Hall Simply to Go. Your swipe gets you a sandwich, choice of chips, and a drink. Let the staff know you’ll be using a meal swipe and they can show you your options. Meal swipes only work once per mealtime.

Reusable containers

Get a reusable to-go container for your meals from San Juan Dining and help reduce campus landfill volume. A $5 deposit gets you your container. Next time you want to take your food to go, bring your container back (dirty is fine—we have a magnificent dish machine), get a new ticket, and go get your food. You can get your deposit back at any time by returning your container.

San Juan Dining Hall

Choose from a huge variety of options—brick oven pizzas, vegan and gluten-free entrées, grilled burgers and deli sandwiches, a salad bar, and more. Accommodations for dietary choices, needs, and allergies. And best of all, it’s all-you-care-to-eat.

Eating and Masks  

San Juan Dining Hall requests that masks are worn when entering the servery and getting food. When you are seated and eating masks are not required. Please mask up if you plan to get seconds or making your way to the dish return line. While purchasing items in all Campus Dining locations (Berndt and Jones Halls), a mask is required. While eating outdoors, a mask is not required. 

Rocket Express

The Rocket Express is open!

Lighter fare

Get snacks, light lunches, and all the coffee you crave at three café spots around campus. Use your flex dollars or cash/card to keep yourself charged up and moving forward.

See what's open now
Living 1
Animas Perks

Keep yourself fueled up between classes. Serving Desert Sun coffee, espresso drinks, baked goods, pre-made sandwiches, snacks and refrigerated beverages, Animas Perks has your back.

Living 1
Berndt Hall Café

When you need to refill your mug between classes on the south side of campus, Berndt Hall Café has you covered. You’ll find Starbucks coffee and quick snacks to keep your synapses firing.

Living 1
Jones Hall Simply To Go

On the north side of campus, hit up Jones Hall Simply To Go when your blood sugar or your eyelids drop. Use your flex dollars or drop some cash, and you’re good to go.

Real food

Eat and drink locally, sustainably, and responsibly at FLC thanks to our campus-wide commitment to sustainability. Some of your food even comes right from your own campus. What’s more, each year our Environmental Center spearheads the Real Food Challenge where you vote which foods to source humanely and ethically to move our commitment forward.


When you dine with us, you’ll eat garden produce from the Old Fort Farm in Hesperus, Colorado (where FLC students learn regenerative agriculture) and the FLC garden right on campus. It doesn’t get more local than that.

Go to Old Fort Farm

Take part in building a food system that delivers you the freshest food now, and works toward a healthy future for our planet. In addition to our local produce and the Real Food Challenge, we source eggs from cage-free chickens, and coffee from local roasters, Desert Sun.

Campus sustainability

Waste is often neglected in the consumer cycle. Not so at FLC. Any food waste from San Juan Dining is turned into compost right on campus. We divert tens of thousands of pounds of waste from landfills, turning it into nutrient-rich garden soil instead.

Responsible food


Stay in the know

Students eating on the Student Union upstairs patio

Download the free Bite App on the App Store or Google Play. Bite tells you what's on the menu at FLC Dining. In addition, Bite will show you any allergens and will allow you to rate and save your favorite dishes. Stay tuned with Instagram and Facebook, too, or hit up Sodexo’s FLC site.

If you have question about meal plans, please contact Gina Rios.