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We embrace diversity and ensure accessibility in our housing, offering a home for everyone. Choose from our traditional halls and apartments, family-friendly housing, or gender-inclusive accommodations.

For those seeking a sense of community with like-minded peers or within cultural groups, our affinity housing communities provide a space to connect and thrive.

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Housing types


  •  - 
  • Two to three people per room
  • One room
  • Community restrooms on each hall
  •  Most economical
  •  Open to first years
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  •  - 
  • One to three people per room
  • Two to four rooms
  • Shared restroom within suite
  •  Home to our living-learning communities
  •  Open to first years
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  •  - 
  • One to two people per room
  • One or two rooms
  • Shared restroom within unit
  •  Most space
  •  Available during summer terms

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