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This guide will help you through the housing application journey. Early planning and timely communication are your friends!

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Learn about Fort Lewis College campus housing options. You'll have different choices depending on whether you're a first-year student or continuing or transfer student.

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Roommate selection

The flexible housing application process allows personalized roommate pairing based on shared interests. You're encouraged to form a roommate group during your housing application process. The group member with the earliest time slot can select the room for the entire group.

First-year students: Fill out the housing application with the same type of accommodations and priorities. Request each other as roommates.

Continuing students: Form your roommate group during the housing application process. The member with the earliest time slot can reserve a room for everyone else when it's their turn to pick.

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Be prepared for room selection rounds

First-year students: Does not apply

Continuing and transfer students: You'll be assigned a time slot to choose your room, based on your accumulated credits. Those with more credits get to select their room earlier, providing a fair and structured system.

Financial holds: It's important to resolve any financial or registration holds by April 30 to participate in room selection. If you're not registered for 9 or more credits by fall, your room assignment will be released on May 1. However, you can re-enter the selection process during the subsequent rounds on May 20 and July 8.

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What to expect next

First-year students: You'll receive an email about resident assignments mid-May. It includes your room assignment,  and your roommate’s name and contact information.  You'll get a second email the first week in August  with up-to-date housing placement information and detailed materials for check-in. 

Continuing students: You will self-select your room the week of March 11, with two more rounds of room selection in May and July for later applicants.