Residence Director (RD)

The Residence Director (RD) is a full-time professional responsible for the supervision and development of on-campus students. The Residence Director and his or her staff are important to a student's success in adjusting to residential collegiate community living.

Building RD Phone E-mail
Animas Hall Maddie Bellew 970-247-6538
Mears & Centennial Apartments   Kenneth Louzier III  970-247-7610
Bader-Snyder Complex Melissa Mossinghoff 970-247-7471
Camp Hall Alex Keene 970-247-7594
West Hall Lamia Shapiro 970-247-7477
Cooper Hall Under Renovation    
Crofton Hall Ethan Bussell 970-247-7201
Escalante Hall Kain Eggler 970-247-7601

Resident Assistant (RA)

Resident Assistants live in each apartment complex and each hallway in the residence halls. This is a full-time student trained to help students adjust to on-campus living and to act as a resource and liaison to campus departments.